Where Harmony Meets Energy

A sense of calmness envelopes you the moment you enter TeaHouse. You feel the rest of the world disappear as the quiet, serene lobby draws you into its heart, inviting you to transition from the day-to-day world into your own private domain. The flow of energy is unmistakable as you proceed down the corridor of the sublimely designed lobby. Your eyes are enraptured by the beautiful lines, the muted lighting, the elegant, natural materials.

Harmony with our surrounding environment is a fundamental principle of Asian architecture and design. At TeaHouse, that harmony is perhaps no more manifest than in the building’s amenities space – which both physically unites the two separate towers, and socially connects all of the building’s residents.

Here in this spectacular two-level common space – connected by a central spiral staircase – residents will enjoy access to a host of impressive amenities. An elaborate fitness facility equipped with cardio machines, lifting weights and other equipment will allow you to stay fit and active without leaving the building. Personal training rooms will make it easy to hold one-on-one workout sessions with your trainer. While a yoga studio will provide space for a variety of other healthy activities.

The element of water – a key feature of Asian design – makes another dramatic appearance at TeaHouse in the form of a Japanese onsen pool. Inspired by the hot springs bathing pools that are common throughout Japan, TeaHouse’s onsen features a set of four separate pools at different water temperatures, all designed to soothe your body and calm your mind.

TeaHouse Lobby Rendering
TeaHouse Lobby
TeaHouse Exterior Pool
TeaHouse Fitness Room
TeaHouse Onsen Pool
TeaHouse Fitness Room
TeaHouse Yoga Room
TeaHouse Tea Room
TeaHouse Zen Garden
TeaHouse Rock Lounge
TeaHouse Site
and Ground Floor,
Mezzanine Floor

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TeaHouse 6th Floor
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