Where Then Meets Now
A building that would feel at home in a great Asian capital. This was the inspiration for the architecture of TeaHouse. Embracing the use of natural materials, clean lines, exquisite symmetry and precise proportions, TeaHouse embodies the spirit of Asian design in all its richness and beauty.
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Where Harmony Meets Energy
A sense of calmness envelopes you the moment you enter TeaHouse. You feel the rest of the world disappear as the quiet, serene lobby draws you into its heart, inviting you to transition from the day-to-day world into your own private domain.
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Where East Meets West
Steps from two subway stations. Minutes to the luxury shopping in Bloor-Yorkville. A short walk to the Eaton Centre, restaurants, patios and bustling street life. TeaHouse is ideally situated to take advantage of everything the city has to offer.
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Where Light Meets Dark
Like the day and the night, or the yin and yang, everything about your life at TeaHouse exists in harmony. Here, home is both your respite from the world. And your window to the world. Close your door behind you and turn the world away. Or gaze out at your magnificent view, and get ready to greet the day.
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Where Now Meets the Next
Teahouse 2 is the culmination of a considered design approach and philosophy of living.
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Escape from the World Outside
Connect to life within at the heart of Teahouse.
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